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About the Family and child sexual abuse action Center

Our Mission:

The Centre d'intervention en abus sexuels pour la famille (CIASF) is a not-for-profit community organization in the Outaouais region. Its mission is:


"To offer specialized services for families and people confronted with the sexual abuse of children."

General goals:
  • Develop and offer adapted services to reduce the incidence of sexual assault against children;

  • Counter sexual assault by enriching the knowledge of people, organizations, and partners about the issue;

  • Offer a welcoming, helpful, and comforting place to overcome difficulties relating to sexual assault and to escape isolation;

  • Continue developing our expertise to remain the standard for treatment of sexual abuse;

  • Encourage the voluntary involvement of members and the community in order to contribute to the organization’s development;

  • Alert the public to the issue of sexual assault by promoting the organization.



To complete its mission, the Centre d’intervention en abus sexuels pour la famille seeks to maintain high-quality services, builds on its competent and committed personnel, ensures that it stays at the forefront of the most recent developments in the domain of sexual assault, and works in collaboration with parents, the community, and local organizations.

All therapeutic and prevention services for child victims of sexual abuse are available free of charge at Ciasf.

CIASF is a regional organization that serves the Outaouais (07) region. In 2014-2015, more than one third of service requests came from outside the urban region of Gatineau.

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