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Services Offered by Ciasf

CIASF offers preventative and therapeutic services to various age groups and through various activities. If you would like to purchase and/or adapt one of these programs, or if you would like to benefit from the expertise of Ciasf in training programs, click here.

Groups for child victims of sexual abuse
  • Prevention and intervention group (ages 3 to 5)

  • Intervention group (ages 6 to 8)

  • Intervention group (ages 9 to 12)

Training and awareness
CIASF provides training and awareness workshops, tailored to the needs identified by the organizations and institutions that request them. Contact us to explore our training offer.
Groups for adolescent victims
The therapeutic content for groups offered at CIASF has been adapted for the adolescent stage of development. 
Purchase our validated programs
Relying on an expertise developed over the last 30 years, Ciasf has developed a range of therapeutic and preventative programs validated by research, including related training products and the necessary assistance expertise for their installation. Our programs are established and used in eight regions of Quebec as well as in Belgium and Chile. (More information)
Group for parents of child victims
In accordance with our systemic approach, we know that the parents of child victims of sexual abuse often seek guidance, support, and advice.  (More information)
Treatments for adults who have committed abuse
  • Awareness group at the Centre de détention de Hull;

  • Cognitive behavioural group therapy;

  • Constructivist group therapy;

  • Mentorship programs.

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